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The Town

La LLacuna is a village of around 900 inhabitants with an agricultural tradition and a predominance of grape growing, although for the past 50 years, the village has also become a popular venue for summer holidays and countryside activities. The numerous natural resources, the abundance of leafed forests, make this a perfect location for relaxed strolls along pretty paths for all the family. 


The comfortable microclimate invites visitors, at all times of the year, to join the profusion popular celebrations and street parties such as The Festa Major, Fira de Sant Andreu, Matança del Porc, Pessebre vivent etc, which are all regular annual events and attractions to draw everyone together. The streets is one the most beautiful to be found in Catalunya, and visitors can also admire the old gates to the walled village.  


The village also has the necessary commercial amenities (shops, restaurants, bars) as well as welfare services (doctor, nurse, chemist, fire and ambulance, together with religious services). All this, and the outstanding homemade sausages to add to the extensive list. 


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Major Square
Major Square
Street. Old part of the town
Old Street
Old street next to Major Square
View town
Snowy bell tower

Cal Grapisso - Masia Rural - La Llacuna - 628057999

La Llacuna (L'Anoia) - Barcelona | Turisme Rural al mig de Catalunya | Ambient acollidor 

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