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What to visit in La Llacuna :

Around the village and the our house, Within of the municipal term of La Llacuna, you can visit the following places: 


- Castle of Vilademàger. It is situated to view  of Cal Grapissó to 1,5 km, above of a cliff with a glorious view of all the valley of La Llacuna. We have certainty of the Castle del 987 of romanic origin and belongs to the condal house of Barcelona.


- Mount Castellar. It is situated to the extreme southwest of the County of Anoia and with a height of 945 metres. It is the highest point of all the county, where we can enjoy some extraordinary views.


- Major Square of La Llacuna.

Urbanistic group situated in the centre of the village, it was built in the period of the century  Xlll-XV.The Square has a lot of arches and it has formed around the ancient hospital with ogival arcades,of half point or arch recessed.

It is a group arranged with a lot of care and has a big historical and Archaeologic interest.


- Dolmen Comallagosa.It is situated  to 1 km of Cal Grapissó in half of a forest no well-marked. Sepulchre dated of ( 2000-2500 B.C).


- Well of Ancosa. It is situated  to 5,5 km of Cal Grapissó to the north slope of the mount Castellar next to the path of Ancosa that also brings us to the monumental oak. This well is an architectural jewel that features of a glorious cave recently restored.It has a 9 metres of depth and a diameter of 3 metres.


- Oak of Ancosa. It is situated to 400 metres of majestic well of Ancosa. This oak has been declared monumental tree the 1990 for the "Generalitat de Catalunya". It has a height of 25 metres, a perimeter of 5 metres and it is calculated that has more than 500 years.


- Cuitora Fountain. It is situated to 600 metres of La Llacuna, in a beautiful place where we find some trees very big and with some strange shapes that are not typical of the area and that have been declared of local interest the 1995. In the fountain go out a diuretic water and easy to cooking food ( fountain very frequented for the people of the village and for the people of neighbouring counties).


- Fountain of Pla Novell. It is situated to 500 metres of Cal Grapissó, this fountain has a esplanade surrounded of leafy pines of 35-40 metres and a big natural pond where we can find fishes.




Oak "Ancosa"
Castle Vilademager
Fountain "Pla Novell"
Church "Sant Antoni"
Fountain "Font Cuitora"

Cal Grapisso - Masia Rural - La Llacuna - 628057999- 678995581

La Llacuna (L'Anoia) - Barcelona | Turisme Rural al mig de Catalunya | Ambient acollidor 

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